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Beginner to Advanced
Instant Download through PayPal
After you pay for the design with PayPal, you will be taken back to my website where you can download your pattern immediately. Don't close the PayPal window after paying; it may take a moment or two to make the transfer, and it can't be started again if the window is closed. If there is ever any problem with your download, or if you accidentally lose your pattern, please email me at with your PayPal invoice number and I will email a replacement pattern to you as quickly as I can.

Step by Step Diagrams

I take you through each step, showing bead placement and thread path, with my own carefully drawn step-by-step diagrams. In addition, there is a complete description, in English, of each step. Although it is always helpful to know the basic stitches, it isn't necessary in most of my patterns.

Beginner to Advanced

My patterns cover a wide range of abilities; there is something for everyone, from very new beginners to advanced beadweavers. I like to combine several different stitches in my projects, and, in the process, I often find that I've created new stitches, or new ways of using old stitches. If you're looking for a fast, fun, inexpensive project, try my Instant Gratification section. These projects are perfect for beginning through intermediate beaders, or for anyone who wants to make something today to wear tonight. Intermediate and determined beginners who want to spend a bit more time (and brain power!) should check out the Weekenders section; and if you're Obsessed with Beads, I figure you already know where you belong.

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